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Chairman Message

(Dr. Kuldeep Kumar)
Dear Students, We want students a Mahendra Institute of Technology to feel happy about learning, about going to class. Learning should be relevant to their life, and they must feel that their experience at MIT was worth enough. Nothing gives me more happiness & satisfaction than seeing smiles on the faces of students as they enjoy the learning process in the campus, make life long friends, work hard to cope with the challenges of their curricular & co-curricular schedules and indulge with vigour in extracurricular activities, find time to party, for their immediate & global family and see that mother earth and all its inhabitants are saved from catastrophic human interventions. "We do believe of these young people becoming ethically right, successful & enjoy their lives to the fullest..." The mission of the Mahendra Institute of Technology is to offer world-class innovative, career-oriented professional undergraduate programmes through inclusive technology-aided pedagogies to equip students with the requisite professional and life skills as well as social sensitivity and high sense of ethics. The Mahendra Institute of Technology" will strive to create an intellectually stimulating environment for the student education, particularly in areas that have a bearing on the Socio-economic and cultural development of the state and the nation.
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