An Introduction to Biomass Heating - Penn State Extension

Jun 01 2010 · Biomass combustion is a chemical reaction--the combination of oxygen and biomass at a high temperature--that ... because the various types of fuel are often sold in different units. For example wood chip fuel is sold by the ton whereas fuel oil is sold by the gallon. Comparing fuels on a "per unit of energy" basis (i.e. per gigajoule GJ) is ...

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Basic Information about Landfill Gas | Landfill Methane ...

LFG can be upgraded to renewable natural gas (RNG) a high-Btu gas through treatment processes by increasing its methane content and conversely reducing its CO 2 nitrogen and oxygen contents. RNG can be used in place of fossil natural gas as pipeline-quality gas compressed natural gas (CNG) or liquefied natural gas (LNG).

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