FINAL REPORT - Development of High Pressure Hydrogen ...

Aug 04 2017 · Therefore development of a 350 bar TITAN® system was deferred and not pursued under this project. Hexagon Lincoln continues to support the development of tankage and equipment for operation at bar and above; with 700 bar vehicle tanks

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Green Procurement - Federal Requirements - Boilers - GSA ...

Commercial boilers with a capacity greater than 2500000 Btu/hr are excluded from Energy Star certification. The Green Proving Ground recommends using biomass boilers in buildings in cold northern climates that use fuel oil and are located within 50 miles of a

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The profitable hospital system with sustainability in its ...

Apr 10 2017 · A biomass boiler turns wood from the local lumber industry into steam energy the health systems major source of power. A 300-ton geothermal heat pump supported by hundreds of wells dug beneath parking lots leverage Earths natural temperature for year-round and cooling.

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