Typical HVAC Rules of Thumb | Abraxas Energy Consulting

.9-1.0 kW/ton: Absorbers: 18 lbs steam/ton: Boiler Horsepower: 33479 BTU/hr = 9.8 kW: Rebuilt Systems Design: 55°F supply air: 30°-40° rise reheat coils: Dual Duct & Multizone Design: 55° cold deck: 70-105° hot deck with ODA Reset Schedule: VAV: 55°F cooling: 10% box leakage flow: 40-50% minimum fan volume: People Load: 450 BTU ...

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Technical information about the headquarters building

The building is equiped with a smoke extraction system. The boiler-room is equipped with 4 boilers with a total power of 10.300 KW. The building is air-conditioned by the Geneva-Lac-Nations system (cooling by lake water). Seventeen stations distribute the air conditioning in the building. E. Lighting and Energy Average operating level 6.000 Kw.

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The Ultimate Guide to Chiller Systems. Everything You Need ...

Nov 16 2017 · Water-cooled chillers range in size from small 20-ton capacity models to several thousand-ton models that cool the worlds largest facilities such as airports shopping malls and other facilities. A typical water-cooled chiller uses recirculating condenser water from a cooling tower to condense the refrigerant.

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