KGA240S4MS PkgGE/20T/260kB/230-3/ECN |

Landmark® Rooftop Units Standard Efficiency 13-25 tons. Packaged Gas/Electric 60 hz and 50 hz. Performance Marked by Flexibility. Efficiency. New 7.5 to 25-ton high-efficiency units (gas/electric and electric/electric) Up to 13.0 SEER 14.5 IEER and 12.7 EER; 2 to 25 tons (gas/electric and electric/electric) 2 to 20 tons (heat pump)

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WeatherMaster® 50GC High-Efficiency Single-Packaged ...

AHRI = Air-Conditioning Heating & Refrigeration Institute ASHRAE = American Society of Heating Refrigerating and Air Conditioning Inc. SEER = Seasonal Energy Efficiency Ratio. NOTES 1. Rated and certified under ARI Standard 210/240 3-5 ton or 340/360 6-ton as appropriate. 2. Ratings are based on: » Cooling Standard: 80°F (27°C) db 67°F (19°C) wb indoor air temp and 95°F (35°C) db ...

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Bulk LPG Storage Layout Requirements - SANS 10087-3 versus ...

The South African set of codes and standards for a LPG installation are based on various British standards NFPA publications and international best practices. SANS 10087 are divided in to several different parts. Part 3 covers the bulk storage of LPG and will be compared with the NFPA 58 standard in relation with plants layout requirements.

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